• Winner!

    Summerland Celebrated their 78th Business & Community Awards Event with a Gala held at the lovely Summerland Waterfront Resort.  A tasty dinner was catered by neighbouring business, Local Lounge Grill. This year Lone Tree Coffee was nominated and won the Manufacturing and Industrial Excellence Award. We are extremely grateful for the tremendous community support that we have received over the years here in Summerland.  We look forward to many more years of supplying our community with the Fresh Artisan Roasted Specialty Coffees that earned us this award. 

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  • Holiday Gift Idea

    YES, there is still time to order for pre-holiday delivery! You do the coffee choosing and we'll look after the shipping (FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50). Gift card enclosures are available, just let us know in the "notes" section of your order the "TO" and "FROM" details. SIMPLE. THOUGHTFUL. TASTY.


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  • Valley Harvest

    We've got something new for you! Introducing Valley Harvest a special coffee to celebrate a special season in the Okanagan Valley. From the birthplace of coffee itself comes this LIMITED SUPPLY of Ethiopian Lekemte.  Naturally processed coffee (coffee is picked from the tree and dried in the sun until the fruit pulp is dehydrated) that produces a sweet cup, starting with bright strawberry notes and finishing with cinnamon. We hope you enjoy this truly outstanding cup! Find it in our store HERE

    ORIGIN: Ethiopia, Lekemte  ROAST: Medium

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  • What about Swiss Water Decaf?

    Last week we had the opportunity to tour the Swiss Water Decaf plant where our Crescent Beach Decaf  (organic peru) gets decaffeinated in Burnaby. The SWISS WATER Process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical free, decaffeination process that delivers to today's consumer expectations. Using water from the coast mountains of British Columbia and proprietary caffeine-specific carbon re-generation technology, SWISS WATER Process leaves the beans 99.9% caffeine free while maintaining the unique origin flavour, body and aroma characteristics.  


    Our tour began in their cool boardroom with this animated video overview of the science behind their decaffeination process:                             



    One surprising thing we learned was that they do not extract the caffeine in a manner that allows them to salvage it for resale. The caffeine is extracted using carbon material that once concentrated, undergoes extreme temperatures in order to re-generate the carbon, resulting in the caffeine being disintegrated.  It is the chemical method of extraction, which isn't a practice at Swiss Water Decaf that does allow for the resale of caffeine. Interesting.

    We were then given a plant tour by Kurt, we managed to snap a pic of the green coffee awaiting decaffeination but no photography was permitted in the decaffeination area itself. The above video is a great animation of the goings on in the plant. 

    We were required to wear lab coats & hair nets perhaps so we felt like chemists, nerdy ones ;)

    We completed our tour with some time in the coffee lab tasting the difference between the coffees prior to decaffeination and after decaffeination, the team at Swiss Water Decaf have made great progress in the closing the gap in differentials in taste. The ultimate goal, which they feel they've reached (we agree) is that there would be no difference in the quality of taste. Great tasting coffee without the caffeine!






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  • Revisiting the Grad 2014 Coffee Fundraiser...

    At this time last year, the Summerland Secondary School's Graduating class of 2014 began a coffee fundraiser with Lone Tree Coffee to help fund their Convocation activities. We chose a beautiful coffee from the Zelaya family farm (well-known for their award winning coffees) in Guatemala. The Zelaya daughters, Maria & Katia have a scholarship program in place for the farm workers children. It was agreed that $1 from every bag sold would be donated to this initiative, the Santa Clara Scholarship Program in Guatemala. This extra incentive gave the Grads the opportunity to not only work towards their own goal but help children who are less fortunate to receive or further their education. 

    By the end of the selling period the Grads had accumulated $120 towards the Santa Clara Scholarship Program & although that maybe doesn't sound substantial, it in fact covers the expenses for one year of a public middle school student in Guatemala!

    We just received a letter of gratitude from the Zelaya family along with these photos, very touching! 

    The scholars for this year, receiving their diplomas at the Santa Clara farm's annual party

    A scholar meeting her sponsor

    Ricardo Zelaya  having fun with the farm workers' children

    If you participated in this fundraiser by purchasing a bag of coffee & would like more, it can be purchased through our on-line store under "Reserve & Seasonal", Thank you!



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  • FAQ: Why are your beans oily?

    During the roasting process heat starts a reaction within the bean and it begins to form gases and oil.  This is natural and part of the roasting process.  As the roast increases in time/temperature the natural oils that are inherent to coffee come to the surface of the bean. With lighter roast profiles, the oils are contained within the bean itself whereas the longer the bean is roasted the oils start to form on the outside of the bean.  Once packaged, the oils may continue to seep out causing the beans to become shiny. This oil is natural and doesn't effect the bean, it is more of an indication of a darker roast.

    This photo shows a good comparison between a medium & dark roast.


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  • FAQ: To Freeze or not to Freeze Coffee?

    This question comes up frequently, even today as a matter of fact, so we thought we'd share our findings. Surprisingly, there is no substantial difference in the taste of fresh beans from those that have been frozen (over a short period of time, say a couple months and stored properly).  Some recommendations though:

    • valve-sealed bags produce the best tasting cups of both whole bean & pre-ground coffee.
    • do not refrigerate as beans are kept in a constant damp state and are exposed to odours unlike the more controlled and cooler environment of the freezer.
    • if you choose to freeze, freeze in small amounts (1 week supply) in a well sealed container or valve bag.  Once removed from the freezer, allow beans to come to room temperature before grinding and do not refreeze. 
    The conclusion for ideal coffee:

    If your fortunate enough to have a roaster in your area, buy beans fresh, in small batches (1 week supply), store them whole or freshly ground at room temperature in a sealed valve-bag for the most delicious results.

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  • Why "lone tree"?

    Why "lone tree" you might ask?  When the difficult task of choosing a new name was before us, we knew for certain that we wanted something that represented the beautiful area we call home.  When the name "lone tree" and it's story was presented, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for!

    Found on a map dating back to the early 1800's of the Okanagan region, was a landmark just north of present day Summerland called "l'arbre seul" French for "the lone tree".  This landmark was along the historic Brigade Trail used primarily by the Hudson's Bay Fur Traders to transport furs and goods for trade to and from the coast.  Later the trail was used during the Cariboo Gold Rush as a trade route by American cattlemen and businessmen.  

    To celebrate Summerland's Centennial in 2001, the Brigade Trail Linear Park was designated to preserve a section of the old Brigade Trail.  This sign was constructed marking the trailhead at Priest Camp linking to the (now vanished) landmark "lone tree".

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  • The Jealous Curator loves lone tree coffee (really!)

    You'd think that my VERY FIRST blog post would be about coffee, instead it's about what transpired and inspired me over a cup of coffee with my new found friend, Danielle Krysa creative director at she & he.  After chatting about the happenings in our lives since high school (we both graduated from SSS a few years apart) it was down to business.  I casually mentioned to Danielle that we (Darin & I) were thinking of rebranding The Beanery Coffee Company, a brand we created 16 yrs prior for our "then" cafe to better suit our "now" artisan coffee roastery.  Danielle's response, "you should, I can help, we should start sooner rather than later".  Wise words as 8 months and hundreds (I should have counted) of emails later with Danielle at the helm, lone tree coffee was born!  I have to admit, I had no clue back at our first meeting, how awesome it would be to work with Danielle nor how capable and dedicated she was to her work.  Nor did I understand her current workload and accomplishments as author of her soon to be released art book (that will be sold in bookstores and galleries all over the world).  Wow!  I have started taking more frequent peeks at her blog www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/ in hopes that her artistic talent will somehow wear off on me!  Thanks Danielle, we love lone tree coffee and wish you success with your book!

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  • Welcome!

    We'd love to hear from you!

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