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FAQ: To Freeze or not to Freeze Coffee?

This question comes up frequently, even today as a matter of fact, so we thought we'd share our findings. Surprisingly, there is no substantial difference in the taste of fresh beans from those that have been frozen (over a short period of time, say a couple months and stored properly).  Some recommendations though:

  • valve-sealed bags produce the best tasting cups of both whole bean & pre-ground coffee.
  • do not refrigerate as beans are kept in a constant damp state and are exposed to odours unlike the more controlled and cooler environment of the freezer.
  • if you choose to freeze, freeze in small amounts (1 week supply) in a well sealed container or valve bag.  Once removed from the freezer, allow beans to come to room temperature before grinding and do not refreeze. 
The conclusion for ideal coffee:

If your fortunate enough to have a roaster in your area, buy beans fresh, in small batches (1 week supply), store them whole or freshly ground at room temperature in a sealed valve-bag for the most delicious results.

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