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Our Story

 In 1996, Darin and Rochelle Fair and their (then) young family, started in the coffee business with the opening of The Beanery Coffee Company. They chose to locate in Summerland, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

  With a winning combination of fresh food, good coffee and great service, they established a loyal following and 'The Beanery' became the quintessential gathering place in the community.  By 2000, with growing demands and a desire to provide the best product possible, the Fairs purchased a refurbished Deidrich coffee roaster.  They sourced, through the expertise of their coffee buyers, quality coffees and Darin began in-store roasting.  In time he learned to create the optimal roast profile, producing fresh, carefully roasted & thoughtfully blended Specialty Coffees. 

With the decision to sell the café in 2008, the Fairs chose to continue to follow their passion of roasting and marketing Specialty Coffee and found a new location for their coffee roaster.

  In 2013, lone tree coffee was founded to allow the Roastery, and still thriving Beanery Cafe become unique identities in the community.  

Today lone tree coffee still chooses coffees from farms that are Utz Certified, Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance or simply grown responsibly by default.   Their new Diedrich Coffee Roaster coupled with an Oxidizer (after-burner) produces a clean, energy efficient, roasting medium.  The Fairs have expanded their business to include a growing online marketplace while continuing to service Cafes, Offices & Grocery Stores. 

Darin continues to oversee the roasting process and Rochelle manages the daily operations of the Roastery. 

Their goal is for you to 'Enjoy'!

Darin & Rochelle

Founders, lone tree coffee





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