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  • MMMMM yum! Just got my order of Lone Tree coffee here in Quebec…smells great!
    Tried the peruvian sample included and shared it with a friend…as it suggested! We both loved the fresh tasting, roasted coffee…looking forward to drinking all the other ones!

    keep up the good work Lone Tree!

  • Awesome Coffee. A great hit at our golf tournament and in our university lounge

    Lindsay Langill
  • We have been serving Beanery Coffee at the SOS Cafe since its inception almost 3 years ago to rave reviews.
    Located in the lobby of the Penticton Regional Hospital the SOS Cafe serves patients, visitors and staff. Sometimes people just need a cup of coffee to hold in their hands ~ more of a distraction. And sometimes people NEED a GREAT cup of coffee to get them going or keep them going throughout the day.
    We are excited for the new name, new logo but same great coffee.
    Looking forward to many more years partnering with Lone Tree Coffee Co., Darrin and Rochelle.
    SOS CAFE Manager


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