• Revisiting the Grad 2014 Coffee Fundraiser...

    At this time last year, the Summerland Secondary School's Graduating class of 2014 began a coffee fundraiser with Lone Tree Coffee to help fund their Convocation activities. We chose a beautiful coffee from the Zelaya family farm (well-known for their award winning coffees) in Guatemala. The Zelaya daughters, Maria & Katia have a scholarship program in place for the farm workers children. It was agreed that $1 from every bag sold would be donated to this initiative, the Santa Clara Scholarship Program in Guatemala. This extra incentive gave the Grads the opportunity to not only work towards their own goal but help children who are less fortunate to receive or further their education. 

    By the end of the selling period the Grads had accumulated $120 towards the Santa Clara Scholarship Program & although that maybe doesn't sound substantial, it in fact covers the expenses for one year of a public middle school student in Guatemala!

    We just received a letter of gratitude from the Zelaya family along with these photos, very touching! 

    The scholars for this year, receiving their diplomas at the Santa Clara farm's annual party

    A scholar meeting her sponsor

    Ricardo Zelaya  having fun with the farm workers' children

    If you participated in this fundraiser by purchasing a bag of coffee & would like more, it can be purchased through our on-line store under "Reserve & Seasonal", Thank you!



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