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The Jealous Curator loves lone tree coffee (really!)

You'd think that my VERY FIRST blog post would be about coffee, instead it's about what transpired and inspired me over a cup of coffee with my new found friend, Danielle Krysa creative director at she & he.  After chatting about the happenings in our lives since high school (we both graduated from SSS a few years apart) it was down to business.  I casually mentioned to Danielle that we (Darin & I) were thinking of rebranding The Beanery Coffee Company, a brand we created 16 yrs prior for our "then" cafe to better suit our "now" artisan coffee roastery.  Danielle's response, "you should, I can help, we should start sooner rather than later".  Wise words as 8 months and hundreds (I should have counted) of emails later with Danielle at the helm, lone tree coffee was born!  I have to admit, I had no clue back at our first meeting, how awesome it would be to work with Danielle nor how capable and dedicated she was to her work.  Nor did I understand her current workload and accomplishments as author of her soon to be released art book (that will be sold in bookstores and galleries all over the world).  Wow!  I have started taking more frequent peeks at her blog in hopes that her artistic talent will somehow wear off on me!  Thanks Danielle, we love lone tree coffee and wish you success with your book!

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  • it’s true…i DO love lone tree coffee ; )
    we have absolutely loved working with you guys – i’m actually kinda sad that the bulk of the work is done (don’t worry, i won’t make you rename/rebrand just to keep me entertained!)


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