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The Story Behind The Roastmaster

 2020 marks Twenty years since Darin Fair, Co Founder of Lone Tree Coffee started roasting Specialty Coffees. 

  It all began with a mere suggestion that Darin should consider adding a coffee roaster to the Cafe he and his wife Rochelle had opened a few years prior. Darin was intrigued by the idea and started his research leading to the arrival of the Fairs' first coffee roaster.   
  Darin attended skill building workshops offered by Diedrich Roasters and SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). Darin spent many hours at the roaster developing his newfound skills on the art of profile coffee roasting.  Understanding how time, temperature and airflow all worked harmoniously he created ideal roast profiles for coffees from different regions. This skill led to creating unique blends that merged flavour profiles. 
  Darin has established a following of coffee aficionados who enjoy his signature blends and who keep him inspired. He thanks everyone for their patronage over the years & continues to strive for you to ENJOY. 
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