Wholesale Coffee - Café, Retailer, Corporate, & Guest Accommodation Accounts

In this competitive coffee market, what will make you stand above the rest? Here at lone tree coffee, we believe consistently high quality is what most businesses want to offer their customers.

Retail Bags for the Beanery Coffee Co


Our wholesale program for coffee shops and cafés is a way for you to offer an exceptional local product at a competitive price, thus increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Offering the freshest, highest quality organic coffee is sure to please your clientele.


We offer a variety of prepackaged coffee beans for your discerning customer. As a wholesale customer, we would also enjoy working one-on-one with you to personalize custom blends and packaging for resale. Your customers will know they are getting a unique product and will return to you for more.


Let us provide your staff and guests with personal sized Portion Packs. As a B&B or hotel you'll benefit not only from the convenience but your guests will appreciate indulging in a locally produced organic product. We can work with you to provide the best solution for your guests or office.

Custom roasting and packaging, better pricing on equipment purchases, and continued support are all some of the benefits of purchasing from lone tree coffee.


Darin at the coffee roasterConsulting Services

With over 16 years of experience of being a owner/operator of a café and roastery, Darin Fair is a great resource if you are thinking of starting a café, or just need to upgrade your image or quality control.

If you are in the start-up phase of your business, or thinking about entering the wonderful world of coffee, contact Darin for consulting services available and rates.


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